Never lose your bite again

the book

Gerd Christiansen

“Never lose your bite again”
New edition 2018
Softcover 275 pages | 400 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-00-026738-3
CMD-Compact Publishing House

Price: 98,00 EUR
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Do our patients really lose their bite?

There is much to suggest that during extensive prosthetic treatment the patient actually “loses their bite”, i.e. the relationship between the mandible and maxilla, or more precisely:
the position of the condyle within the articular fossa.

The patient describes the consequences: “My bite is no longer correct!” Initial occlusal disorders can develop into the pain syndrome of craniomandibular dysfunction. The practitioner and patient are equally dissatisfied. This does not have to be the case!

In his book “Never lose your bite again”, the author describes a procedure that makes it possible – with simple means – to maintain the patient’s original bite position with high precision, even in the case of extensive prosthetic restorations. In many pictures, with memorable, short text passages, all the individual steps are explained step by step, so to speak, as working instructions, which make it possible to maintain the prosthetic precision chain.

Twenty years of experience as a prosthodontist, but also as a CMD therapist, have prompted the author to work emphatically on this essential topic in dentistry.

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