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German Center for Dental Diagnostics

German Center for Dental Diagnostics –
Your competence center for highly specialized dental radiology

As a specialist practice for imaging diagnostics of CMD, dental focal point search and jaw, head and facial pain, the DZD examines patients from all areas of dentistry.

The diagnostic procedures are adapted to the needs of the practitioners on an interdisciplinary basis and are expanded depending on the question or examination results.

For comprehensive, targeted diagnostics, the DZD offers its patients examinations using 3Tesla ultra-high-field MRI and high-resolution, dose-reduced volume CT, depending on requirements.

A competent partner for us in the field of CMD treatment!

From the range of examinations

  • MD-MRI / MRI of the temporomandibular joints
  • Dental MRI of the upper and lower jaw
  • Dental CT of the upper and lower jaw

Magnetic resonance imaging is considered the gold standard for imaging the temporomandibular joints and neighboring organ sections. Like no other imaging procedure, it allows ultra-high resolution imaging of the hard and soft tissues.

Malpositions, structural changes and functional disorders can be assessed on the basis of static and moving examination sections.

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