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Dentist Gerd Christiansen

Born in 1946

Study of dentistry
Studied medicine
in private practice since 1988

Since 1999 private institute for advanced dental training
Focus: functional diagnostics, functional therapy

Functional-aesthetic dentistry,
CMD diagnostics, CMD therapy on a computerized basis


The need for more precision and error avoidance, especially in the functional area, was already awakened in the early years of the practice.

University training in this area was and still is highly discriminating.

With lectures and publications, I tried to arouse more interest in error-free work.

Studies on bite registration materials and their precision or reproduction and transfer of the true intraoral situation to the articulator were important. This was followed by the idea of storing the habitual or therapeutic position during prosthetic and functional therapeutic treatment.

These efforts were based on the experience that patients can close with incredible accuracy. All these developments were subjected to thorough testing using a computerized indicator. This series of innovations was reflected in the textbook:

Basics Function 1: “Nie wieder verlorener Biss – never lose your bite again“ the Memobite process was and still is received with enthusiasm in the age of digital process chains.


I found it difficult to understand why, in the age of computer technology, attempts were made to diagnose the physiology and pathology of the temporomandibular joint purely manually. It is simply too small for that.

We were looking for a method that could visualize physiological and pathological movement processes very precisely. Computer-assisted condylography was the method of choice. Studies on thousands of examination sequences shed light – more light – on the phenomenon of CMD.

(DGFDT lectures: “Movement behavior of transversally displaced condyles” 2001

„Computergestützte Messung des Funktionellen Gelenkraums“ 2010) wurden mit Begeisterung aufgenommen und veröffentlicht.


A direct link between diagnostics and therapy was a subsequent development and has simplified CMD therapy immensely and made it more successful. The realization from movement recordings ® the therapeutic position is always on the track and ® CMD patients have a reduced joint space in 1,2,3 planes, leads straight to the therapy!

Positioning using a 3D positioner is far superior to the so-called centric registration.

The biodynamic splint, developed from patient-specific parameters, rounds off and expands the therapy.

Volume 3 Basics Function: “Understanding the temporomandibular joint”

introduces this way of thinking.

Many unpublished developments are presented in the course.

The aim of the course is to simplify and demystify CMD therapy.

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