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Dear colleagues,

Cranio-mandibular dysfunction describes a chronic pain syndrome that originates in the temporomandibular joint and thus in the occlusion. All too many patients with this type of pain are unaware of its cause and many do not receive sufficient help.

On our homepage we present this patients a list of practitioners and therapistsby postal code area.

We give the participants of our courses the opportunity to register here free of charge with their contact details so that they can be found more easily by patients as competent partners; on the one hand for prosthetic practitioners who work to prevent CMD (Never lose your bite again – Memobite) and for CMD therapists for whom electronic movement analysis of the temporomandibular joint is an essential concern (course A-D). Of course you also have the possibility to place a counterlink to our homepage by using the logo below.

For the entry in the list we need some information, as well as the consent to the publication of the data including the disclaimer for our practice. You can send us this information as a PDF or as an automated e-mail.

Gerd Christiansen

Data transmission and consent via PDF:
You can download the  PDF for entry in the list of therapistshere, print it out and send it to us by fax.

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