Course F-G
Digital functional analysis & therapy
Computer-aided temporomandibular joint and CMD diagnostics and therapy

Intensification course from modules A-D

Our 2-day course is divided into 4 sections:

1: What’s new? What is easier? Demo case and forms
2: Independent determination of the therapeutic position – sag.vert./transversal – search for clues
3: Independent evaluation of the recording – tips and tricks – 3-D thinking
4: Sympcomp procedure – splint cascade, special cases – effectiveness of splint therapy

Course F-G

Intensification – case discussions

Duration: 2 days from 09.30 to approx. 17.00
Max. Number of participants: 15 dentists
Training points: 19
Venue: Ingolstadt
Cost contribution: 1150 € plus VAT


Dentist Gerd Christiansen

Author of the books:
“Never lose your bite again”,
“Understanding the temporomandibular joint”
“CMD and the lost bite | A guide for sufferers and practitioners”

New publication fall 2019:
Reference book “The occlusometry procedure”


23.-24. Februar 2024

Course Contents

„You only know what you see!“



A seminar to intensify and apply the course content already taught!

Gain more confidence in determining the therapeutic jaw relationship and in the treatment of CMD patients on the basis of digital functional diagnostics and therapy.

More safety and success with splint therapy.


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