Memobite – Never lose your bite again

Prevention of functional disorders | Prosthetics | Module E

Course E

Duration: 1 day from 09.30 to approx. 17.30
Training points: 9
Venue: Ingolstadt
Cost contribution: 495 € plus VAT



Dentist Gerd Christiansen

Author of the books:
“Never lose your bite again”,
“Understanding the temporomandibular joint”
“CMD and the lost bite | A guide for sufferers and practitioners”

New publication fall 2019:
Reference book “The occlusometry procedure”

Our publication on the topic:

Nie wieder verlorener Biss – never lose your bite again
Teamwork 2015

Course contents

„You only see what you know!“


  • Bite removal can, must be simple (*an old problem – rethought!)
    Knowing how, why, without any pre-treatment, incredibly precise, verifiable!
    Not possible? It is possible! Quite simply!

    • The registry in theory and practice
      HANDS ON
    • When HIKP – when not?
  • Mastering prosthetics safely, without surprises
    • From model fabrication to articulation
    • ® the Memobite process (* no centric)

      The fabrication of an occlusal plate and its use in all prosthetic
      prosthetic situations. Hard to imagine? Not anymore!

  • No more grinding in – (*”Metric model analysis”)
    • Model analysis in 3 minutes
    • Lowering models, knowing how and why
  • CMD-Screening y/n
    • without muscle palpation
      Never heard of it – just!

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