The Biodynamic Splint

Splint production Course S

In the vast majority of cases, targeted, defined splint therapy succeeds in bringing about a massive reduction in overall pain.

Objective: Creation of a biodynamic splint

Course S

Creation of a biodynamic splint

Duration: 1 day from 9.30 a.m. to approx. 5 p.m.
Training points: 9
Max. Number of participants: 12 dentists
Venue: Ingolstadt
Cost contribution: 495 € plus VAT


Dentist Gerd Christiansen

Author of the books:
“Never lose your bite again,
“Understanding the temporomandibular joint”
“CMD and the lost bite | A guide for sufferers and practitioners”

New publication fall 2019:
Reference book “The occlusometry procedure”

Unsere Veröffentlichung zum Thema:
Die Biodynamische Schiene -The biodynamic splint (PDF in German)
Teamwork 2019


currently none

Course contents

“You only see what you know!”


Principles of the Biodynamic splint

  • Two positions, reciprocal guidance
  • Glide path, glide angle
  • Defined anterior guidance, canine guidance
  • HKN, ISS, Bennett angle
  • Data transfer to the dental technician

Tips and tricks

  • No model fracture, no duplicate models
  • Defined retention
  • Defined glide path
  • Patient-specific data

Simple production, knowing how

Insert splint

  • Without grinding in!


  • Symptom-related

From the splint to the restoration

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