Understanding the temporomandibular joint

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Gerd Christiansen
“Understanding the temporomandibular joint”
Hardcover 338 pages | 580 illustrations.
ISBN 978-3-00-039806-3
CMD-Compact Publishing House

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The book “Das Kiefergelenk verstehen” will be available again in hardcover from spring 2024!

In his book “Understanding the temporomandibular joint”, G. Christiansen describes the most important characteristic of the temporomandibular joint in many self-explanatory pictures: the movement – physiology and pathology of the movement and its consequences for the symptoms of the CMD patient. Since a precise description of the movement sequence is not possible by palpation, he uses computer-assisted condylography as a microscope, so to speak, for the functional diagnostician.

Understanding joints naturally also means understanding their movement. What distinguishes physiological movement sequences from pathological ones? What are the parameters of pathology? What does it look like, what is behind it – the structural correlate. The author thus introduces us to the essence of cranio-mandibular dysfunction: the pathogenic condylar position within the functional joint space surrounding the condyle. Using many “curve” illustrations, the author works out the current pathological actual position with the reader in order to then, as a logical consequence, develop a therapeutic target position. The temporomandibular joint is an extremely precise biological system. Interventions in this system can have far-reaching consequences.

On the other hand, however, the temporomandibular joint system can now be measured. Computer-assisted movement visualization (3D, magnified, objectifiable…) provides the reader with a completely new, clear and, above all, fascinating picture of the function and dysfunction of this joint.

We begin to understand.

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