Our courses

deal with the function of the craniomandibular system in prosthetics and CMD diagnosis and CMD therapy, both analog and digital.

How should a seminar be structured?

Practically relevant – logical overall concept “thought through to the end” – step by step

All work instructions are innovative in nature as a result of diagnostics and therapy in the digital age!
The innovations accompanying the respective courses are marked with *, their origin, how, why, can be read by clicking on them.

In these seminars, we break away from “old habits” hour by hour and are fascinated by the fact that, as a result of many computer-aided examinations, completely new ways of working have emerged that are much more precise, simpler and more successful.

Functional diagnostics and functional therapy in the digital age

Due to the small size of the temporomandibular joint, condylar movement and condylar position, we look at the entire temporomandibular joint – CMD complex with the magnifying glass of the functional therapist:
– Instrumental movement analysis (condylography) – Instrumental position analysis (condymetry) – Digital root cause analysis (occlusometry)

The overall concept of clinical-manual structural and functional analysis implemented in computer-aided functional analysis.

Why computer-aided?
Much of what we cannot feel (clinical-manual) becomes visible, measurable and objectified
“It is extremely fascinating how the pathology of the joint structure becomes visible before our eyes!”

Diagnostics must be relevant to treatment!
The primary goal of CMD therapy is the physiological condylar position (formerly: centric). This is already laid out, visible and measurable on the traces of movement…

… and can be measured directly – on the patient, during the recording
or indirectly – without the patient, on the positioning device
no registration on the patient, just press a button on the computer


The great advantage of computer-assisted functional analysis is the direct path to the therapeutic position

Visible – Measurable – Documentable – Repeatable

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